Devi School fundraising concert scheduled for May 17

by Kevin Mcbain


Students from the Devi School in Mill Village are holding a fundraising concert Friday, May 17 at Queens Place Emera Centre in Liverpool beginning at 7:30 p.m.

The money will go towards outfitting a chemistry lab in the school. Admission is by donation, and there will be a bake sale as well.

Grade 11 student Iona Ursu Ratiu has been helping to organize the concert. She says that there will be singing, dancing and instrumentals.

She hails from Barcelona, Spain and says that she enjoys being in Canada and attending the school.

"This is like a stereotype, but Canadians are so nice. Everywhere I go, I hear 'see ya,' or good morning. Very nice," she said. "The air is so clean, we are near beaches. It is so nice."

Grade 6 student Adi Chiroiu is from Italy and will be singing at the concert.

"It's really nice. I really appreciate being here," said Chiroiu. "The air is really clean and the people are really nice here. Very polite.

"I really like that it is next to the ocean. You can go there pretty much every day. The teachers are so nice here and the education is very good," added Chiroiu.

Anthony Anant, a Grade 10 student from England will be the technical director for the concert, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

"I like it a lot. I really enjoy the people here," he said. "They are all very polite. The school is also in a nice area near the ocean.

All three students are finishing off their first year at the school.

The Devi school is a non-profit, international boarding school serving the world-wide community of families practicing Sahaja Yoga meditation.

The children and staff participate in daily meditation and learn the essence of all faiths, following the teachings of spiritual leader and teacher Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

It opened its doors to the world during the 2017-18 school year, offering grades 6-10. This year they expanded and offered Grade 11. Next year, Grade 12 will be offered.

The school has about 30 students attending from around the world.

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