Vehicle crashes into river, driver rescued

Bystanders scrambled to free a Lunenburg County senior from a Nissan Versa that plunged into the LaHave River south of Bridgewater on October 26.

"The lone occupant was removed from the vehicle by bystanders just in time as the vehicle was filling with water and the tide of the river was rising," Sgt. Andrew Joyce, a spokesman for the province's RCMP, told LighthouseNOW.

RCMP, paramedics, and volunteer firefighters from Pleasantville went to Highway 331 near the Charles William Drive intersection at about 4:20 p.m., where first responders were told a vehicle went into the water and someone was trapped inside.

The Bridgewater volunteer fire department was also requested for its water rescue expertise, but first-arriving emergency crews cancelled the response when it was determined the extra help wasn't required.

The Nissan was found in the water and upright about 10 metres offshore. The vehicle's lone occupant was safely on land. "As far as I know there were two civilians that stopped and got her out," Pleasantville deputy fire chief Tony Allen told LighthouseNOW. The vehicle "was totally submerged other than part of the trunk," Allen said.

Fire crews assisted paramedics taking the patient on a backboard up a 12-metre incline to the road where a stretcher and waiting ambulance were standing-by.

The woman was assessed by paramedics and taken to hospital with undetermined injuries, Joyce said, noting the matter is still under police investigation.

Motor vehicle traffic in the area was temporarily restricted as emergency responders worked the incident.

Fire crews were on scene for about an hour-and-a-half.

Smoke condition at Chester apartment building

Call it a cautionary tale about the risks of overloading a washing machine.

Someone in an apartment at Shoreham Village, off Chester's Saunders Court, loaded bathmats with rubber bottoms into a communal washing machine on the second floor on October 25. This caused the appliance's agitator belts to burn off.

"It jammed up and the motor was still trying to turn it and it couldn't," Everett Hiltz, chief of the Chester volunteer fire department, explained to LighthouseNOW.

Smoke from the debilitated coin-operated washing machine caused the building's monitored alarm to activate. A home-care worker also dialled 911 after noticing smoke in a hallway. Residents of the 12-unit, three-storey building were temporarily evacuated.

Chester volunteer firefighters were sent to Saunders Court at about 9 a.m that day.

Emergency crews used heavy-duty fans to ventilate smoke from the building, but the damage was isolated to the washing machine.

No one was hurt.

Man assessed for smoke inhalation following oven fire incident

A Lunenburg County man was assessed for smoke inhalation after first responders were summoned to an oven fire in Upper Branch on October 27.

Paramedics were sent to an Upper Branch Road address north of the Wagner Road and Allen Frausel Road intersection to check a patient, who was over the age of 65, at the request of on-scene volunteer firefighters.

The Midville and Hemford district volunteer fire departments were advised occupants of a home evacuated after the oven fire alarm was dispatched. Emergency crews received the alarm at about 11 a.m.

A man fell asleep on a couch while an item was cooking in the oven; smoke then filled the home. A relative of the man happened to stop by, discovered the smoke, and got him out of the house, said Cory Emino, fire chief of the Midville and district volunteer fire department.

There was no damage beyond the stove itself, which had to be forced open because of a safety feature that caused the appliance to "fault out," likely because of the extreme heat generated, Emino explained to LighthouseNOW.

Emergency crews used heavy-duty fans to ventilate smoke out of the house. A fire extinguisher was used to get the flames put out inside the oven.

Emino advises the public never to leave cooking unattended.

Emergency crews cleared the scene by the lunch-hour.

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