Bridgewater extends length of fire truck loan deal with Cumberland County


The Town of Bridgewater has extended the lease by a further six months on its reserve pumper fire truck to Cumberland County, which saw its fire station and apparatus devstroyed y fire last April.

"Both the Bridgewater [volunteer] fire department chief and the deputy fire chief have no concerns with an extension of the vehicle lease agreement," Tammy Crowder, the town's chief administrator, said in a written report to council.

"Staff have confirmed with the town's insurer that the extension does not affect the towns' insurance coverage with respects to fire protection."

Bridgewater agreed earlier this year to loan the Shinimicas volunteer fire department the truck after the community lost its fire station, apparatus, and saw much of its gear damaged in the devastating blaze. Shinimicas has been depending on loaned items since the incident.

The Municipality of the District of Cumberland requested the lease extension, Crowder indicated.

The truck - Engine 4 - is ordinarily put into service in Bridgewater if there is equipment failure involving other apparatus.

Within 14 hours of arriving at its new, temporary home, the 1996 pumper built on a Volvo chassis "performed flawlessly" in mutual aid to a structure fire, the Shinimicas fire service said at the time on social media.

"We are so proud to be part of both a province and a public service that, when the chips are down, will always step up to help out others whether they are friends or strangers."

The loan agreement contains clauses allowing for Bridgewater to recall the truck back to town, if needed. Other provisions deal with insurance, licencing and training, and maintenance and repair.

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