A tale of two Craig Buffetts

by Bronte James

  • <p>CONTRIBUTED PHOTO</p><p>A meeting of the Craig Buffets. Craig Raymond Buffett from Lunenburg is on the left, while his friend, Craig William Buffet from Norfolk, stands on the right.</p>

The old adage "You're one in a million," doesn't apply to Craig Buffet.

It doesn't apply to the other Craig Buffett either.

Back in 2009 Craig Raymond Buffett, Lunenburg, succumbed to curiosity and searched on Facebook to see if anyone in the world shared his name. It turns out, only one other person does: Craig William Buffett who lives on a small Australian island, Norfolk.

"So I friended [Norfolk Craig], he responded and we started chatting."

If matters weren't coincidental enough, they both had one son and on daughter, and their daughters share the name Tiffany.

"I laughed and said 'If his son has the same name as mine, I'm going to freak," said Craig Raymond.

After keeping in touch over the years, friendly messages back and forth, he never thought it would go further than that.

At a quiz night during training, Air New Zealand, who is contracted out to Craig William's company, had a hat holding boarding passes with all the employee names on them.

As fate would have it, it was Craig William who won the anywhere-in-the-world ticket, and the next stop was Canada.

"They pulled it out of a hat and they pulled mine – a return trip to anywhere that I wanted to go. For years and years Canada has been there the only place that really interested me abroad," he said.

"So I said to my wife, 'Let's go to Canada and if we're going to go, let's visit me.'"

Their first stop was Vancouver, British Columbia, to visit his cousin Scott and uncle.

They landed 15 August, hopped aboard VIA Rail, "and of course Craig had to live on the other side of Canada, so I was trying to work out such a big country," he laughed, adding his island is only 34.6 square kilometres.

"It's mind boggling – especially for us, because my island fits inside some of the lakes."

They made a few stops along the way and finished off in Halifax, leaving for Norfolk over the weekend.

Since getting to the East Coast, The Buffett's have tried tracking down their lineage – but timing gets lost when we they reach their great grandparents.

"[Craig Raymond's] family came down through Newfoundland, and my dad's traced our original ancestry back to Bristol in England; so I know where [my great grandfather] starts, it's just finding whether he had any connection to Craig's side of the Buffett's."

But it's not all about their ancestry.

Craig Raymond has brought the Norfolk Buffett's to Peggy's Cove, a show in Lunenburg called Glimpses, and tourist and local attractions.

"I've been showing him different things around, what we have and what we [here are] all about," said Craig Raymond.

"I'm learning a lot about his way of life, and the culture that he has been brought up with, and I'm sharing what I have, and now it's on my bucket list to make a trip down and see his place."

Despite a few similarities – a fondness for exercise, a dislike for fish, "which I found strange because he's living in one of the seafood capitals of Canada," said Craig William, the name and possibly the ancestry are where the evident similarities stop.

"Definitely not in the body type – I'm shorter, he's taller. The New Zealand Buffett obviously got the height," joked Craig William

Craig Raymond added, "I'm just on a high with all this [and] it's a great experience."

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